Caterpillar cosy



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    I have just seen out what a “cosy” looks like and would like to know where to get some or how to make them as I have friends who are troubled by wasps. I rarely have a problem with them and have reared hundreds of caterpillars this season. Thanks to the photographer.

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    You can buy these from Diana Dawson, who is in the forum (selling swan plants – posted about a year ago – details are there though).

    She makes them.

    I just use a mosquito net, available from The Warehouse or Army Surplus Store in K Road, various shapes and size.

    Good luck with it Beverley!


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    so as soon as eggs are layed a Caterpillar cosy can be placed over a swan plant? my swan plants are quite tall, pot included they stand about 6 ft 4….
    and i have a really bushy one in the garden, i dont know if it is practicle to cover the front garden one.. i have praying mantis, out the front.
    when swan plants flower are wasps and bees needed to polinate or collect the dewy substance etc. will covering the swan plants affect the plants in any way??

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