Very Proud of our babies.

This has been a fascinating study for us. Lots of caterpillars. We have watched them climb the wooden fence, over the back and disappear to eventually birth into a beautiful butterly. We have had the butterflies inside in their chrysalis and they seem to be very personable. One loved being on the bed with us, one drank honey and water, one sat in my hair at night. We brought the chrysalises inside out of the colder air, so that they could emerge sooner. The remaining two inside are pegged on to a succulent which I took outside for the photo. Every morning we rush out to see how many caterpillars there are. The lady Monarchs must have been busy, because there are always baby caterpillars to be seen. The big boys get a little pat from me, and I was surprised at how cold their bodies are. We are, as you can see, besotted with the Monarch Butterfly! Our own ‘nursery’ of which we are proud to have, help and look after. It is wonderful to see the butterflies return doing their final flights and then soar into the air where to I don’t know. Sorry, I didn’t have any marked stickers to put on. We are a retired couple with no pets other than our butterflies! Pam Templeton Christchurch

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    The two chrysalis emerged yesterday afternoon. Sadly one had slightly deformed wings and isn’t doing too well. I have put it out amongst its fellow caterpillars and hope that it may survive. The other butterfly has flown away to where I do not know!

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