This page is for those who wish to join the MBNZT as a financial member. You do not have to join as a financial member to use the forum or take part in research – and you are welcome to browse our website. However benefits of joining include:

  • You will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are supporting this wonderful organisation! 😉
  • Your subscription will be used to help locate, protect, enhance and create overwintering sites of the monarch in NZ.
  • You will receive four magazines each year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), packed with tips on how to help the monarch butterfly and other Lepidoptera in NZ.
  • We will contact schools, garden centres, nurseries, and other people who can influence NZ’s biodiversity, and inform and update them on the monarch’s life cycle and ways to help this and our other beautiful butterflies and moths.
  • You will be part of a website brimming with information that we learn – and that our members contribute – about the monarch and NZ’s butterflies and moths.

Complete the form HERE.

The subscription is:

$35 per year – if you are happy to download your magazines and read them as a PDF file.

$45 per year – if you would like to receive your magazines in the mail.

Make sure you tell us if you want any other items. Please ensure that you include contact details (phone/email) in case items you order are no longer available.

You can send the form by mail with your payment to the MBNZT, PO Box 44100, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, 1246, or you can pay by bank deposit or internet banking.  Ensure you quote your surname when making payment.

Our bank account is “MBNZT” with Kiwibank,  account number   38  9009  0654693  00

You should have a response within ten days, and a magazine will be sent out each three months by mail, or if you choose you can download these from our website.  If you are on email, you may well receive other updates in between.

Your membership runs for a full year from 1 July.  If you have missed a magazine please let us know and we will send you a back copy.  Even if you join late in the year you will find the previous magazines are very helpful in getting you set up for the season, plus another benefit is the special offers that come with your Winter magazine!

PS, you can also sign up for our e-news AND access the forum for FREE. To do that, click HERE.

We hope you enjoy your membership, and thank you for your support.

The Trustees… and a million butterflies