Our new logo

The trustees had been searching for a new brand for some years and it has not been easy. This year they were introduced to David Brown, of Kawika Design in Tauranga.

With our long name it was quite a challenge to create and arrange the words and names to form a uniform shape. And it needed to be something quite unique, and representative of New Zealand.

“What has evolved is organic but immediately conveys what we’re all about,” said MBNZT Chairman Maurice Mehlhopt. “The typeface they’ve chosen is professional but introduces a youthful touch.”
The logo has been stylised symbolising both a butterfly and a moth.

“I like that the designated shape incorporates the koru,” said trustee Mark Bateman, who is of Ngāi Tahu descent. “Just like the ponga frond unfurling as it grows, it symbolises renewal.

According to Māori mythology black represents potential (Te Koekore) and red symbolises Te Whai Ao, or coming into being.

David explained: The designed shapes incorporate the koru, which relates specifically to New Zealand. and represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It is associated with new life, harmony and hope for the future.

The colours chosen are predominantly black and red which relates to our traditional Maori, indigenous to New Zealand. The colour black also adds strength, sophistication, elegance and is very versatile. Red is for energy, passion and our ‘love’ for nature.

Thank you, Kawika Design!