To become a trustee

Our vision is to ensure that Aotearoa/New Zealand’s ecosystems support thriving moth and butterfly populations. Our mission is to engage with New Zealanders to ensure our biodiversity promotes a thriving moth and butterfly population.

Trustees (sometimes referred to as The Board) are responsible for the MBNZT’s governance, putting in place strategies to enable us to meet our vision and mission.

Governance can involve:

• reviewing the purpose,
• analysing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities associated with the purpose,
• analysing the environment in which the organisation will operate (including the political, economic and social environment),
• analysing any competitors and/or potential partners and,
• identifying appropriate strategies.

Trustees do not generally manage the trust. Those who carry out the management of the trust (officers such as the secretary and treasurer) need to set the time-frames and the reporting back processes and monitor the implementation of the strategies. However, trustees are welcome to get involved in projects such as displays or projects, especially when it utilises their background experience and/or talents.

Members and other stakeholders (such as funders and authorities with whom we work) are entitled to expect high standards of accountability from both trustees and management. Those in charge need to provide a clear and accurate view of what our organisation is doing, how it is performing and the assurance that it is operating in the best interests of the stakeholders.

If you are interested the following documents provide further information.

Trust Deed

What is a trustee?

Position Description

Trustee Application Form