Mark Bateman, Development NBC

Mark Bateman
Mark Bateman was the NZ Regional Director of Storage King, working to expand the business throughout NZ. He is a Life Member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia, an industry he has worked in for over 25 years. He has retired from the business recently.

While family is his prime interest being a Life Member of Eden Rugby sees me involved in club organisation and watching a lot of rugby during the winter. He also likes classic cars, belonging to the Zephyr Club, and driving a Mark 1 Zephyr as his hobby car.

During the late 90’s, when Auckland was sprayed for the painted apple moth, Mark saw the devastation of monarch butterflies in the Mt Albert area. Time has gone by and he has recently returned to Mt Albert and planted some swan plants. His granddaughter and he watched as the butterflies went through their life cycle. He said that each caterpillar was called ‘George’ which soon turned into lots of Georges, much to his granddaughter’s delight.

The monarch butterfly is a species that brings colour and a point of interest to every garden. He says that if he can help bring colour to our gardens then he thinks that it is a good thing. While he has resigned as a trustee he has agreed to stay with responsibility for the development of our National Butterfly Centre / Te Matauranga o nga Pūrerehua o Aotearoa.