Martin Visser, Trustee

Martin has worked in business consulting, marketing, marketing research, strategic planning, sales and in the investment advisory industry for almost 30 years since gaining his Management degree with a marketing major.

He has worked in marketing research, marketing and planning for large multinational and national organisations including AHI/Carter Holt Harvey, American Express/Fletcher Challenge and BNZ. Later he created his own consultancy and several businesses, managing the three-year strategic planning process for American Express and the Bank of New Zealand.

He has a Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons) from University of Waikato and is a current RMA Commissioner. He has studied German language to Masters level, French to end BA, learned Dutch, two years of te reo and has a Statistics minor. Of late he has consulted to local councils and has served as a Whanganui District Councillor.

He is on the Gordon’s Park Scenic Reserve Board which, with DoC, administers one of the last stands of kahikatea forest in the lower North Island. Martin has planted and weeded at the reserve as a volunteer twice-monthly for the last 6 or 7 years. Martin has also been on Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board for nine years, leading its strategic planning process.  (Pākaitore is probably more widely known as the controversial Moutoa Gardens reclaimed by iwi in 1995 in Whanganui.)

He grew up in Putiki, Whanganui, where his father was on the Putiki Marae Committee and Chair of the Putiki Community Council. He was also a Whanganui District Council representative on Tupoho Working Party and on Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board Trust. His various roles have provided him with many contacts amongst Tupoho, but also Tamaupoko, Ngāti Apa and Ngā Rauru.