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Shield bug eating Buddleia weevil larvae

I noticed this shield bug eating a Cleopus japonicas (Buddleia weevil) larvae.

Vegetable bug attack on Admiral caterpillar

This is a photo of a Vegetable bug (Left of photo) that has attacked and killed an Admiral caterpillar

Fw: Vegetable bug attack on Admiral Caterpillar

Vegetable bug killing a monarch caterpillar

Here’s a photo of a Vegetable bug that has just killed a monarch caterpillar. The caterpillar dies very quickly once it has been bitten, and turns black soon after. One vegetable bug can do a lot of damage to the caterpillars in a really short time if given the chance.

Anna’s first Cinnabar Moth to eclose

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Three Cinnabar moths on Ragwort

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Female Cinnabar moth underside view

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I noticed a Red Admiral Butterfly nectaring on Buddleia Auriculata flowers that I have growing in pots. It was there for approx an hour flitting around. I took some photos, hoping to be able to identify it again if it returns as it had some scales missing on both sides of its wings, but the […]

/ / 2012-08-27 13:00:00

A neighbour phoned to say they saw a Red Admiral Butterfly at their house in Upper Moutere Village. This is the 2nd sighting they have had in a week.

/ / 2012-08-25 12:00:00

We noticed a Red Admiral in perfect comdition visit our garden at midday. Im pretty sure it was a wild one as I havent released any Reds for a month or two, so they would be more likely to look more tattered than this one…I would guess.