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Cleopus japonicus damage to a Buddleia leaf.


/ / 2012-04-08 10:45:00

This morning I discovered the Buddleia weevil “Cleopus japonicus” on the leaves of one branch of the Buddleia Weyeriana “Sungold”. So far I haven’t seen it on any of the other Buddleias.

/ / 2012-03-03 13:00:00

I saw a german wasp attacking a green stick insect (approx 7cm long) The stick insect dropped to the ground with the wasp still attached. I rescued it, but wonder if I hadn’t the wasp may have killed it. PS/ theres a wasp nest nearby that I have now exterminated.

Shield Bug attack

  Here is a photo of a Shield Bug attacking a fully grown Monarch caterpillar in the garden this afternoon.    

/ / 2012-01-19 08:00:00

noticed a cuckoo hanging around, then he grabbed a large caterpillar and ate it, and several others.

Cinnabar Moth Pupae, Cinnabar and Magpie Moth

 Here is a couple of photos of the Cinnabar Moth pupae, and caterpillar, and another of Cinnabar Moth pupae, and Magpie Moth pupae for comparison.  All but one of mine have pupated now.  Both the Cinnabar and Magpie Moth did well on a diet of ragwort, and groundsel.  Both pupated in scrunched up tissue paper. Anna

Buddleia ID sought…anyone know which one it is?


Buddleia “Silver Anniversary” in July.

These three photos were taken this morning (July 9th 2011) showing my small Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary’ flowering in winter….with plenty of buds to mature. I left the spent flowers on for the photos, but will clip them off to encourage more flowers hopefully.  At the foot of the plant I  put a few cow pats for mulch/fertilizer when […]

/ / 2011-06-15 12:00:00

I saw a couple of monarchs today in the garden. One was just flying around where as the other was feeding on a pink camelia bush.

Monarchs clustering in Washbourn Gardens (Richmond, Nelson)

  Here are some photos I took yesterday at 3.30pm after going to Washbourn Gardens to look for the Monarchs. They were to the right of the gates in one of these photos. I have posted these in case anyone in Richmond wants to get an idea of where they may find them. Kath has […]