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These days it is easy to share your photographs on line. Please send photographs to for uploading. Low resolution (72dpi) are best. If there are flowers it is helpful to name them for other members’ information. Were the Monarchs nectaring on them? Or just resting and enjoying the warm weather?

Great butterfly house!

Here’s a great butterfly house configuration – it’s the best that I have ever used. I bought this one second-hand; the photo was taken the day I collected it. They can be purchased from Redpath, the manufacturer, in Palmerston North, as a kitset and are relatively easy to put together. The one above is merely a […]

Raising Yellow Admirals

Terry shared these photos of sterilising eggs and refrigerating them. The photos show small larvae emerging from eggs after removing plastic boxes from refrigerator. You can see the eggs at the base of boxes and the larvae climbing up the sides. The photos were only done on my mobile phone so are poor quality but […]

Design for a butterfly house

Norm Twigge’s butterfly house at Te Puna Quarry Park. The shade cloth is just the standard green shade cloth available from Bunnings, Mitre 10 etc. The Biodynamic Unit at Lincoln University also have shadecloth for sale with a mesh of 0.6mm. It’s important that the mesh keep out wasps (and other predators and parasites). Black gives […]

Upcycling Challenge with Dalton’s Prizes

Kiwis are known for their ingenuity… and that often translates to the butterfly garden. In preparation for our stand at the NZ Flower and Garden Show this year we need your ideas as to how you recycle containers, tools and implements in your garden (or habitat) to make it more useful/successful in raising butterflies. You […]

Wasp attacking a monarch?

Hello, I raised and tagged 20 monarchs over March and April and as it was my first time doing this I probably took hundreds of photos. I usually shoot them close up in macro but this day I was sitting at the opposite end of my deck and using zoom. When I uploaded the pics […]

Totara Tree for Wintering monarchs

While visiting Hawera,  locals pointed out two Totara trees where monach butterflies like to winter over every year. They are located in King Edward Park. There were not any there just yet though.

Very Proud of our babies.

This has been a fascinating study for us. Lots of caterpillars. We have watched them climb the wooden fence, over the back and disappear to eventually birth into a beautiful butterly. We have had the butterflies inside in their chrysalis and they seem to be very personable. One loved being on the bed with us, […]

Small beetle attacked monarch cat

Today this small beetle was seen attacking a little monarch caterpillar, sucking the juice out of it. The beetle is 8 mm long. We are not aware of having seen it before. Sorry it’s not the best quality photo – the beetle was microwaved!

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Monarch larva

Thanks Deana Ghazaly for the beautiful photo of a monarch larvae about to munch an aphid!