How do I help a dented or fallen chrysalis?

A pupa that falls or is dented may well be infected with disease. It may be best to euthanise the pupa (by wrapping it in a tissue, and putting it in the deep-freeze). You certainly don’t want to foster disease or a virus.

If you are sure the chrysalis is not diseased (e.g. you knocked it off yourself) it can be rehung by tying cotton around the cremaster (the black stem at the top) using miniature pegs, or it can be glued by using a glue gun. Place a bead of glue on a suitable support and then place the silk mat or the cremaster into the glue.

Pupae do not need to be hanging for the butterfly to emerge safely. You can leave the pupa next to an upright support and the butterlfy will climb upwards so the wings can hang down as they dry. One suggestion is using a food cover (the umbrella type) and putting the pupa onto a paper towel inside and next to the wall of the food cover.