3 chrysalis in a row died?

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    My last 3 chrysalis hatched but then died straight away. 1 did not spread it’s wings open but the other 2 did. What could be the reason for this it’s never happened before.

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    Hi Jakaree

    Have you read the other posts, or clicked on the hot tag “disease”. It’s probably nothing to worry about…

    Let me explain about monarchs throughout the year. At the beginning of the summer/late spring monarchs return to our gardens and females start laying eggs. A female monarch can lay 300, 500 or more (one, in captivity, laid 1,179!) As the season progresses, there should be more monarchs and some are “controlled” by predators, parasites and unseen diseases.

    We love monarchs and if you’re here to help them, it is good practice to try and reduce the predators, parasites and pathogens by providing them with healthy food and conditions. But by the end of the season (summer), the pathogens will have had an opportunity to build up and what with colder weather and less sunshine (day length), those pathogens are going to take their toll.

    As a result you will get some that die in the chrysalis, and others with deformed wings as they are too weak to emerge from the chrysalis (or eclose). This is nature’s way, and the strongest monarchs will survive while the disease(s) get to survive too. Quite often the pathogens/diseases are reduced in number over the winter… and then the cycle starts again.

    My personal suggestion is to leave monarchs in the garden and celebrate the successes. But do learn more about the specifics of diseases and the safety of monarchs in the winter by clicking on the hot tags to the right, e.g. winter, disease.

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