38 Chrysalis' plus at least 9 Caterpillars.

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    Read on a Google Site that in America this lady fed her hungry Caterpillars on
    pumpkin, cucumber, carrot tops and parsley .
    We have gone through more than 50 Swan Plants, so tried the carrot tops as well as
    pumpkin, cucumber and parsley. the carrot tops were devoured, as were the pumpkin and cucumber, and we now have 29 crysalis’ and 9 more large caterpillars.
    Took a big Preying Mantis off one of the bigger trees in the garden, so don’t know how many eggs or caterpillars it killed.

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    No Jacqui, I didn’t. But after having a number of deformed butterflies, The ones now are perfect. Just hope the many caterpillars fed on the aternative food are OK.



    Hey Gaynor – that is interesting. Never heard about carrot tops before! I do hope that you don’t have problems with them pupating – keep us informed.

    Did you get to the bottom of the problem that you had earlier?

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