3D printing SWANS

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    Richard Rowe

    Does anyone have access to a 3D printer. I organise butterfly events for kids in Christchurch. Often we are asked why is it called a swan plant. A photo of a seedpod doesn’t really do it justice.

    My Vision is for the kids to have floating 3D printed “Swan” seedpods to play with and maybe do swan races etc. Easily shipped around the country.

    As we still have seed pods to scan for this, Is anyone NZ wide able to help?

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    Richard Rowe

    Thanks Barry

    Having now figgered out i can get the seeds pods at the right time to get the mature seeds out reseal and coat them as you suggest, I can give it ago. 3D printing was going to cool and more durable also expressive hasles and not looking very lifelike.


    Richard Rowe

    thanks Barry for the idea, thank you Jacqui I will talk to Warehouse Stationery



    Take some good examples of seed pods (swans), Spray them with clear lacquer/ polyurethane (two or three light coats) and the preservation process should be effective for your needs.
    Barry P. Christchurch.


    Bron and Camryn

    Can’t help with the printer, but what a great idea!



    The Warehouse Stationery do 3D printing…

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