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    Hi all, I am really getting into this whole butterfly thing! The addiction is big! I want to develop a butterfly garden as much as possible for my friends the butterflys. Can you give me ideas of plants to look out for in the garden centre that monarchs love, for food/nectar etc etc. I am trying to establish the swan plants…..not sure if I am winning that one with the catepillars (but I refuse to kill catepillars) so will work on more swan plants for the spring………thanks

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    thank you guys, all comments welcome and thanks for the tip re older varieties being better



    Hi Nicky,
    Hebes, buddleia (butterflies love this!), Callistemon (bottlebrush which flowers a few times per year and in the winter),
    tagetes (perennial marigold)… I’m compiling a list of plants for all year round nectar for the butterflies and the birds… I must get on to this!



    Good one Nicky. I think there’s a thread in here with “nectar plants”. However, my suggestion is to look around your neighbours’ and other people in your area — good fun while you’re out walking — and then ask “older” people for cuttings from their gardens when you see butterflies on the flowers.

    Gardeners love to share, and often the plants you buy in the garden centre have been bred so they don’t have as much nectar as the old-fashioned varieties. Chrysanthemums is a great example — now they manufacture beautiful curled petals and “sparkling” flowers – but there’s not much nectar value, as most people buy plants for their “new” look, rather than nectar value.

    Hope that makes sense!


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