a very beautiful large male Monarch to give away

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    I picked up a very beautiful large male Monarch on the night of 22 May, it sated on the ground behind the wheel of a car parking near my house, so I took it home and realeased it to Mt Eden Domain when I went out for running later that night. However, the next morning, it started to rain so I thought it would be better to check whether the Monarch was still where I put it. I found it about 2 meters from where I put it so I took it home. It barely moves unless you touch it, then it would flip its beautiful wings and starts to be active for a few seconds. I guess it does not feel like moving or being toughed so I just leave it alone. I give it water and some wilfflower honey, but it hasn’t been eating or drinking in the last few days. I don’t think it is a good idea for me to keep it anylonger. The weather in Auckland is terrible and cold now, I don’t want to just leave it outside again. I hope soneone who love butterfly could take it and take care of it.

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    Hi if the weather is cold from experience, the butterfly won’t move far as its conserving energy and will just hang and wait until the weather warms up. I would keep it in a sheltered area where it’s warmer and when it gets warmer it will eventually fly away. But just keep an eye on it.



    Hi Ppwanglei

    The monarch would be best left on a tree or bush, somewhere where it will get maximum sunlight (when the sun is shining!) and out of the high winds and driving rain that we’ve been getting – which has been coming from the south-west. There should be a place like that somewhere in or near the Mt Eden Domain, perhaps in Clive Road or Glenfell Place – or the hospital grounds in Mountain Road.

    If it has mated then its life will be nearly over, it is hard to tell.

    Best not to keep it indoors where life is so artificial, for a butterfly anyway!

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