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    There is a course just starting on line, being held by the Worldwide Butterfly Breeding Forum which may be of interest to those working with Admirals (although it will include other species not found in NZ).

    It’s not too late to join in. All discussion is on line. Here’s the agenda:

    The first two days will present a thorough understanding of the Painted Lady/Red Admiral and Longwing butterflies for worldwide distribution, habitat and identification of the species as well as host plants.

    The next four days will be spent learning to breed these species using the most efficient raising setups for maximum output of healthy, vibrant butterflies. Extensive Q & A time is provided to solve all of your raising problems and help improve your setups to minimize work space, equipment, time and labor!

    The next two days of the workshop offer an opportunity to explore raising Painted Ladies on artificial diet mediums, with methods from three experienced butterfly farmers and a Q & A period.

    The last two days give attendees a good discussion period, to describe and solve raising problems and improve rearing setups.

    Cost is US$85. Further information

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