Admiral butterfly rearing/helping in Hawkes Bay?

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    Hello – is there anyone who is helping Admiral (Red and Yellow) in the Hawkes Bay?
    I read they are fairly common in the Te Mata Peak area. Still so?
    I have helped Monarchs for 30 years in my garden – 70 from inside hatchings this year.

    But now I am keen to help the Admirals also.

    Tracking down various NZ nettles and so forth.
    Any help or suggestions much appreciated.
    best wishes
    Ian T
    PS I am on Napier Hill

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    We generaly have a kahukowhai resident over summer, with others visiting. Don’t see any kahukura tho’. We’re in Haumoana. Just planted ongaonga last spring.



    Admirals are doing better here than Monarchs. I’m in karori Wellington and the admirals seem to cope with the weather conditions better. I’ve had quite a lot both red and yellow this year, i assume they are taking advantage of the nettle patch in my garden.



    I have plenty of nettles here for sale, Ian (Urtica australis) so if you happen to know anyone who is coming down south from Auckland… let us know.

    I will also send you privately a friend of the MBNZT’s name who will be able to give you more information about nettles and admirals in the Hawkes Bay. Great to hear that you will be helping the cause!


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