Admiral Caterpillar photos showing details

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    These photos show details of admiral caterpillars close-up

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    I am interested to find out how you get on with your observations Anna. It is fascinating. Apparently Nigel Venters had a theory that the pale caterpillars had developed in the shade. Personally I haven’t found that to be the case. My pale variants were all taken of nettles in my vege patch in full sun, and were found along with many other darker larvae on the same plants.

    My Red Admirals were released and no sign of any eggs on the nettles that they shared a space with, so now I can only hope there was a pairing outdoors and perhaps an egg or two on the nettles out and about the place.



    Its good to see the photos Jane. I have been separating the ‘lime green bellys’ from the “brownish bellys” to see if theres a difference…ie re the lime bellys most likely to be Reds? I find once they get bigger the Red Admiral caterpillars seem more stocky, and cigar shaped, compared to the long slimmer Yellows.
    It would be interesting to find out if all the pale Admiral caterpillars are female butterflies, and all the others male etc? I wonder if there has been a study done on them like that? Anyone know??
    Otherwise I might do a bit of a study of them to find out.



    And these are different again

    More Admiral caterpillar colour variations



    They are most likely Yellow Admirals, although when I collected Red Admiral caterpillars in the wild they were mostly pale. Time will tell, but likely to be Yellows as they are collected from nettles in the vege patch which are usually yellows 🙂

    Close ups of Admiral larvae pale variants showing detail

    I cant believe the colour variations in the caterpillars. I’ve taken many photos of the dark caterpillars too, and they are nearly all different in some aspect which amazes me, because once they are butterflies they all look the same, and apart from battered bits, and little bits missing from wings etc, it is hard to tell individuals. These pale variants can be picked out from the crowd very quickly when looking at a couple of hundred caterpillars at a time.



    WOW Jane these photos show such amazing detail.
    Are they YA or RA?


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