Admiral caterpillars

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    Hi guys,

    I’m not sure if they’re still in season, (I’m new to admirals)

    but does anyone have admiral caterpillars (or eggs, I’m not sure which is better)? I have quite a few nettle plants, which should be ready in a week or so, so I’d only need a couple. I live in Northland. Where we live I haven’t ever seen an admiral. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)



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    Jane, we have annual nettle (urtica urens) and they’re about 20cm. We have a lot of the plants, because the ones I had last year seeded quickly because I had no caterpillars to put on them at the time, as I thought they might come naturally… but they didn’t. Do red admiral caterpillars like this kind of nettle? I know yellow admirals do. Would you have any red admiral caterpillars?

    Jacqui, I live near Kaiwaka.
    Thank you all, I greatly appreciate all the help 🙂



    Thomas, whereabouts in Northland are you? I could introduce you to some people at Mt Tiger, Waima, Russell or Kerikeri that have them… I’m sure there are more too. Email me if you like.



    Hi Thomas,

    What sort of nettles do you have and how big are they now?

    I may be able to help out with caterpillars too if Anna can’t for any reason so you will definately get some : )



    Thanks Clinton, out of this list I have only ever had up here is the monarch, cabbage white, long-tailed blue and common blue.

    I would love some caterpillars Anna, but my nettles may still take a while. Will there still be caterpillars in a week or two, do you think? I think once they are established, they may hang around or come back.
    Thanks very much 🙂



    Thomas, I have heaps of mainly Yellow Admiral caterpillars, and you are welcome to some. If you (or anyone else) would like some, just email me with your name and address etc and how many you would like:)
    Once you get them established, they breed like rabbits!



    Welcome Thomas,
    You can lay your AD on this website, to ask for tree nettles and European nettles and butterfly eggs and buddleia.
    Few members may help you.

    We have butterflies on North Island.

    NZ Red Admiral **
    Yellow Admiral
    Common Copper **
    Glade copper **
    Rauparaha copper **
    Bloulder copper **
    Forest Ringlet TX **
    Cabbage White XX
    Common Blue
    Long-Tailed Blue
    Australian Painted Lady ##
    Lesser Wanderer ##
    Blue Moon ##
    Australian Crow ##
    Meadow Argus ##
    Blue Tiger ##
    Lemon Migrant ##
    Evening Brown ##

    Australian visitors after cyclones ##
    Gravely endangered TX
    Native to New Zealand only. **
    Introduced XX


Viewing 6 replies - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)

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