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    Hi all. Due to my need for extra food for my Yellow Admiral cats I have been buying plants from Oratia Nursery and have found the Urtica australis a really good plant for hungry large cats as the leaves are quite big. I am told this is the plant that Red Admirals lay eggs on. As far as I know I only have Yellow Admiral cats & they eat either of the Urtica species I have. Is it the same for Red Admiral cats?

    A lot of the plants have been stripped but I am hoping to get them going over the next few months so they are ready for Summer.


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    Red Admiral larvae will eat all of the nettles Urtica Spp Ferox, Incisa, Urens, Dioica, Australis. Urtica Australis is it’s main food-plant on the Chatham Islands. Red Admiral larvae won’t eat Pellitory but Yellow Admiral will eat it a bit, but won’t make it through without switching to nettle at some point.

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