Admiral Chat thread – seen any lately and where?

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    Lately there have been quite a few Red Admirals visiting our Onga Onga and buddleias in urban Palmerston North. We are no-where near any native bush remnants so I find these sightings quite surprising. What a delight it is to see them cruising around in the evening sunshine.

    I think it is the presence of Onga Onga that has brought them in. They don’t seem even slightly interest in our U. australis, U. urens, or even the naughty U. dioica I keep restricted to a large pot, but apprear to prefer the u. ferox.

    Who else has seen Admirals lately? Which colour? Where in the country are you seeing them?


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    lawrence pope

    today we have released 1 yellow and found out that we have o lot for admirals in the enclosure
    got to them before the digger did on the building site




    Last Thursday 27th Jan we had one Yellow Admiral visit, and lay eggs.
    I’m in the Moutere, near Nelson.



    Hi everyone,
    No, I don’t seen Red Admiral butterflies in Thames.
    I had european nettles at my place.

    Few years ago for 2 springtimes I saw one mother Red Admiral butterfly laying eggs on nettles in my garden.
    I reared caterpillars of Red Admiral butterfly & released butterflies.





    I am in Henderson. West Auckland.
    I am not watching all the time, but a couple of times each week I see one or two about. They have layed eggs here now, so I am most happy with that.



    Here up in the heights of Mt Tiger – near Whangarei – yellow admirals are regular visitors and residents on our acre of flowering “jungle” – we have a nettle patch of European urtica. But reds are comparatively rare as I haven’t yet established natives. However every year I do release a very few reds – just eight so far this season, so I know they are around in the nearby bush,just awaiting the right plant.

    So far this season,starting mid Dec.(not counting the few over-winterers from the nettle patch released last Sept/Oct)I’ve released 424 yellow admirals – but only the 8 reds.

    Now I have to get some natives for the reds,from Oratia – but will need to put some fencing around probably as grandchildren come to stay, and my husband is not keen on getting stung either!


    Chrissie Ward

    We see yellow admirals fairly regularly around the eastern edge of Nelson City, but only singletons. Red admirals seem to be much less common – not sure why that should be.


    lawrence pope

    We have around 15 or more in a enclosure
    do not know colour
    we got caterpillars for our parents place and where we are building
    place is marlborough




    We have had the Yellow Admiral here (West Auckland) most days feeding on nectar and laying on the U. australis and U. urens and like you Jane the U. dioica in pots of course;-)

    When we came back from Rarotonga we managed to release around 20 Yellow Admirals from the caterpillars we had safely placed in our butterfly house.

    We have also had the pleasure of a Red Admiral come to visit and chase and fly with the Monarchs one evening just before Christmas. We managed to get photos of her ( I know its a female as I sent the photo to Norm).
    It was a shame that our U. ferox was not looking the best and not many leaves on it, so perhaps she just decided to top up on nectar and fly off.
    Our U. ferox is now looking very luscious and I hope the Red Admirals come back;-)


Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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