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    Hi ALl.
    I have been successful in having common stinging nettle established in my garden. I have a patch with 8 or so Swan Plants and not so many nettle seedlings it is not funny!, Anyway, I m happy to report that at this date – 30 Nov, 2014, I have LOTS of Admiral caterpillars, all in their little & large tents.
    My swans, (Giants & Silks) so diligently cared for over winter have now all been stripped by a myriad of Monarch caterpillars. (:-{

    Now all I have to do is figure out how best use my jumbo castle. {BEP}.

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    I was delighted when visiting my parents place in Central Otago (Cromwell) to see a heap of admiral caterpillar tents in a scruffy patch of nettle growing wild on a hump of sandy gravel outside my father’s workshed. Seems the admirals handle the scorching sun and frosty weather well.



    Hi Kerry – once it gets established, you won’t have any issues. Needs lots of rich soil/compost. You could let some of it go to seed, pick off the seed and just scatter that in a large pot. I gave a bucket-sized pot of great nettle away just the other day – was being grown by someone who didn’t want it.

    Tabbycat, there is nettle growing wild in Cornwall Park and also on the “farm” at Mangere, Ambury Park. If you’re coming to Blockhouse Bay, happy to share some seed or pull some cuttings up for either of you, or anyone else for that matter who’s in the area.



    Last year I had yellow Admirals in my garden. I have no idea where their host nettle plant may be. Where & how do I find more plants? I am near Pukekohe.



    Hi Barry
    We have tried to grow stinging nettle as it’s in the veggie patch at school and it ‘bites’ the kids so it gets pulled out. We thought we could grow some in a pot, but have had no luck. For such a prolific weed it’s hard to transplant it.




    Great to hear, Barry! You’re doing your bit. 🙂 I am envious. Haven’t seen an Admiral so far this season and Monarchs are still few and far between, but suddenly my garden is a sea of green… swan plant seedlings all self-sown so my garden should be giving out the right aromas to any Monarchs in the neighbourhood. 🙂

    Jacqui, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

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