Advice on raising a moth

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    Bron and Camryn

    I found a moth larvae in my kitchen this morning. I am thinking to raise it as I’d like to see how moths develop. Has anyone one else done this? I am not sure what to feed it so hoping someone can advise me. I am assuming it came from the pantry.

    Not surprisingly there aren’t many posts on this on the net but plenty about how to get rid of “the little buggers”. Lol.

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    Bron and Camryn

    The Muesli seems successful. It has made a beeline for the dried fruit.

    If only monarchs would eat Muesli!


    Bron and Camryn

    Hi Jacqui and Clinton,

    Thanks for the advice. Will try some cereal with dried fruit.. Have given it some flour too as my Mum reckons she finds moth larvae in hers. But of course they could be anything since her reaction would be “aargh! There are ugly creepy crawly THINGS in my flour. Panic! Run screaming around kitchen. Grab fly spray, swatting shoe and lazer gun and annihilate the evil little horrors!” Trying to convince her that moths are wonderful beautiful creature related to butterflies and that trapping them in sticky moth traps is cruel didn’t go down well.

    Not sure what sort of moth larvae it is. It is cream with an orange? head. Still tiny but I can make out six front legs and it basically looks like my monarch caterpillars in a different colour scheme!



    They would have been eating cereal or grains or dried fruit in your pantry. I suggest making up some “muesli” and there will be something there that pleases your caterpillar.



    Indian Mealy moth caterpillar ?

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