Aggressive Caterpillar

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    I have a caterpillar enclosure, plenty of food.
    There is about 4 chrysilus’ and others starting to J.
    But there is one particular caterpillar that keeps varing towards one of the ones J’ing. I have tried moving the aggresive one to the otherside of the enclosure, onto some good healthy leaves, but it, heads back to the j’ing caterpillar as quick as it’s possible.
    Ant ideas, knowledge, I’d love to know why….

    Should i remove this aggressive caterpillar to another enclosure, on it’s own?

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    One way of coping with this would be to put it on a branch of plant which is in a vase, and stand the vase in a dish of water which forms a moat. Now the caterpillar HAS to stay “at home”.



    It would probably be a good idea to move it as Js are easily dislodged from their perch & may end up as fallen chrysalids

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