Am I impressed with you Jacqui!!! Re Shining Cuckoo calls

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    I have been reading all forum topics and particularly one where you talked about the Shining Cuckoo (I think, because I can’t find the post now). You also had a url that gave the call of this bird that eats our Monarchs. I listened to that call and it was very familiar, I was sure I had heard it before.

    Well, I heard it again, today! And today is the first day I have had a Monarch butterfly flying around my outside swan plants, and it spent most of the afternoon in the garden, unless there was more than one taking flight in shifts.

    As soon as I heard the call, I raced outside to check on the Monarch and all was fine. But, thank you Jacqui, I might not have been able to save the butterfly from being eaten, but at least I would have known where it had gone after hearing the bird’s call.

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    Thanks Nola! 🙂

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