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    The following people were the first 100 to renew their subscription/join and therefore won a packet of Tithonia seeds kindly donated by Kings Seeds.

    Jane Abdee, Michael Abrams, Terri Adamson, Kay Ahearn, Nigel Bain, Ruth Baird, Anna Barnett, Rachel Bastings, Rebecca Bibby, Hilary Bisschops, Sylvia Bowles, Shane Caley, Jeanette Calvert, Isaac Campbell, Jeannette Cavanagh, Geoffrey Chamberlain, Brenda Cooper, Sherry Coulson, Tracy de Leeuw, Sue Dela Rue, Samuel Dickson, C & C Diggle, Malcolm Douglass, Barbara Edwards, Madeleine Edwards, Tim Fairhall, Maria Fels, George Gibbs, Jordan Gibson, Lily Graham, Lynn Green, Barry Greenbrook, Diane Greenwood, Diane Griffin, Sebena Gummer, Jill Hack, Jo Harvell, Alison Harwood, Marece Hollander, Errol Hooker, C & S Horne, Nola Huggins, Nicky Humphris, Ross Jackson, Robyn Jamieson, David Jones, Alison Kagen, Niki Keehan, Kelston Early Childhood Centre, Kio Kio School, Jacqui Knight, Kaylee Kolkman, Jason Koning, Bev Laing, Kay Langdon, Phil Law, Carmen Maris, Christine Marsh, Sue Martin, Kathryn McIntyre, Ellen Meharry, Gary Moore, Sue Muggleston, Craig Murray, Helen Norman, Megan Norquay, Stefan Olson, M & W Oosterhoff, Mary Parkinson, Brian Patrick, Pauls Family, Victor Pawley, Tony Peet, Oscar Pinfold, Grant Plimmer, Debbie Rendle, Katelynn Richardson, Richard Rowe, Barbara Rusbridge, Anatole Sergejew, Julie Simpson, Beverley Sinclair, Sandra Singleton, Martie Sisson, Zephyr Smith, Dealla Smith, Lesley Smith, Rachel Somerville, Ruth Swale, Sally Tagg, Paul Taylor, Tom Tulloch, Diane Turner, Anais Wall, Chrissie Ward, Kathleen Waterreus, Heinz Wieser, Pippa Wisheart and Neville Wright.

    There was a lucky draw for five winners who will receive Kings Seeds ‘Butterfly Beauties’ selections worth over $20 – a packet of Asclepias Butterfly Flower Finest Blend, swan plant, Cosmos Kaleidoscope, Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarf Mix and Zinnia Zahara Raspberry Lemonade.

    Those winners were: Samuel Dickson, Simon Elkington, Kelston Early Childhood Centre, Jessie McKenzie and Victor Pawley.

    Your seeds are in the mail!

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    A lovely surprise. Thank you!



    Thanks Jacqui.
    Always nice to hear I’ve won something.

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