Any admirals in Palmerston North?

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    Stefan Olson

    I’m thinking about planting some nettles in my garden for the red admirals. However, I’ve never seen one around in Palmerston North, so I’m not sure it’s worth planting nettles.

    Does anyone know if red admirals exist in Palmerston North and more particularly in Hokowhitu?

    And does anyone know if any of the garden centers here sell nettles?


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    To our absolute delight, we saw a Yellow Admiral this morning!! It was nectaring on our Euryops. Wow they are quick though, such a fleeting sighting. Fly sooo much quicker than a monarch. I got so excited about seeing it that I ran to check all my nettles for caterpillars or eggs, but they are sooo hard to see, and I couldn’t find anything, but, I can see lower down on the nettles that they have been eaten a bit, and I hope this is from caterpillars and not slugs, but can’t find the webbing on any of the leaves. (not that I rummaged through much – stings and all) : ) : )



    I’m in Marton (42 kms from Palmerston North) and saw a Yellow admiral several times in the past week or two. They like my nettle collections that are growing superbly in pots that had tropical milkweed growing in them until frosts zapped them a few months back.



    Hi Stefan, welcome to the board. 🙂

    Im Manawatu also. Rural. I saw my first and only definite sighting of a REd admiral a month or two back, unfortunately it was gone before I could get the camera organized : (. They are really beautiful. Ive seen yellows from time to time, and theyre very beautiful too. So take heart. Once youve seen them, you sorta get tuned into what they look like and so you should spot them a lot easier….but a word of warning… Ive found they are VERY quick off the mark : )))).







    Hi Stefan and Hi Norm,

    I live in Palmy and have only seen Red Admirals twice in the last year, and one Yellow last summer, but in order to encourage them I have planted many nettles in the hope of seeing many more this year : )

    I would be happy for Jacqui to give you my phone number or email if you wish, and as you are a local I would be happy to give you a nettle to get you started on encouraging some admirals too.



    Hi Stefan,
    As an ex Palmerstonian I can verify that both red and yellow admirals are moderately abundant in the Manawatu, and while it is still early in the season for admirals, several reds have been spotted in Feilding this Spring already. The Ruahine and Tararua Ranges have Ongaonga growing, which will keep the red admiral breeding, and being very strong fliers will find their way into urban gardens seeking nectar, so when you plant nettles be sure you have plenty of flowers for nectar, which will encourage the butterflies to remain in your area a little longer.
    Mentioning Ongaonga is not to suggest you should grow that species, as any of the nettles, native and introduced, are utilised by both admirals.
    Oratia Native Nursery in Auckland usually has native nettle plants available, and there is still the odd area around Palmerston North that has the introduced nettle Urtica urens growing.

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