Anyone in Johnsonville/Paparangi?

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    I have had a lovely email from a man who tells me:

    "Doctor reckons I have Osteoarthritus as I have had a bad leg for past 3 weeks & my wife died 8 years ago I am booked in for a bone scan on Wednesday so I am not very active but I think I saw article in local paper that someone in Upper Hutt was asking about alternative food for caterpillars as her swan plants were eaten out.

    My Sister used to get her swan plants eaten out in Hawera up to last year regularly but she is now in a rest home so isn’t able to do anything I used to send her Swan plant seeds as I had them everywhere & she never got seeds, 2 or 3 years ago a postie brought at least 40 caterpillars around & they grew into butterflies but never influenced my crops in following years."

    Would anyone like to call around with some caterpillars for this man? I’m sure if he’s just out of hospital, he would enjoy watching his Monarchs?

    Email me privately please,

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    Could do that Sara! Have done that before, good thought.





    If nobody is available locally to give him any caterpillars, what about sending him some chrysali? Is there a safe way to send them?


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