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    Hi All

    My Swan plants are under aphid attack and I am looking for a control that will not harm Bees, butterflies or caterpillers.

    Does anyone have an answer. Yates products have side effects.

    I have about 30 plants.

    Appreciate any help

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    Hi all

    How many species of beneficial ladybirds do you have in New Zealand? We have 3 main species that are useful for eating Aphids in the garden or in my Butterfly house when required. The two that I use are the “7 spot” http://www.ladybird-survey.org/species_desc.aspx?species=6455 59604
    And the “Harlequin” http://www.ladybird-survey.org/species_desc.aspx?species=6455 59702
    We also have some useful Hoverflies whose larvae are good for clearing Aphids from my Butterfly House. I simply sweep them up in a net from the flowers of Fennel that grow behind the BH and then release them inside to lay eggs, they do a great Job. Also the Hoverfly and Ladybird larvae are easy to find on the leaves of the Plum Tree in the garden that gets infested with Aphids every year. When the BH is clear I just gather them up and release them back into the Garden. It’s better than using Chemicals.



    Hi All
    Darren – Thanks for the info on bioforce , I will contact them though they seem to be commercial – will soon find out !

    I think you are right about the size of the ladybirds some in my garden are indeed that large and a green colour.
    I will take your advice on the larvae .
    I am also going to deal to the ants as suggested by another member
    Thankyou all for your input



    Get to recognise ladybird larvae and try not to kill them when dealing with aphids.

    I have just found some ladybirds that I have not seen here in Katikati before. They are much bigger than any of the regulars. I really hope they like it here. They are over 6mm long.




    I always smile at the advice to encourage ladybirds. Just how do you do that?



    They can be squished by hand or dislodged by jets of water. Soapy water is also effective as it dissolves the aphid’s waxy coating, leaving them to dehydrate. Otherwise encourage lots of ladybird beetles, or buy some Aphidius colemani from these people:

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