Aphids on swan plants.


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    Most of my swan plants are naked now, but I have got tons of yellow aphids on the stems. All my caterpillers have gone to other plants or have gone wandering off the do their thing. I did spray some target on the aphids and it worked, but if I want to get rid of them before the leaves grow again can I spray again and how long would it take for the Target or other spray to be not dangerous for the caterpillers.
    They really annoy me being there.
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    I don’t think your mixture was too strong as I have used very strong mixes of detergent and water and used a small paintbrush to apply it – much better than a spray. However I found I had to do this every day because at first aphids are easy to see but then I found some on the back of old leaves at the base of the stem and failed to find them all.Ladybirds are great but too slow to eradicate aphids. I battle them every season. Caryl in Welington



    My first line of defense is squashing them but you need to do this carefully as they are easy to dislodge and they will return to haunt you. You also need to check that you are not going to squash cats. In rare cases, where there is a very heavy infestation, I may cut that piece of the pant off and either put into a plastic bag, seal it and put into the rubbish or put the pieces into a bucket of water and drown them. Sometimes I use a spray made up of a little cooking oil, a little dishwashing liquid and mainly water. Give it a good shake and it is ready to go. I will normally give a squirt then rub the area with my fingers – works a treat. I find ladybirds have a limited capacity so bringing the numbers down allows them to be effective aphid munchers.



    I mixed dishwashing liquid (mild) solution in water in a spray bottle. It killed a nature swan plant but it’s coming back now. Was solutitoo strong?


    rob cooper

    use a good spraying oil



    Target has been pulled from the market so value yr container if u have one still n keep it for only stubborn insects like scale n mealy bug – it smells bad but I love the word translaminar within its description ie the spray can move thru the leaf from one side to the other meaning u dnt have to spray under the leaf on top or side is enuff. It was banned like Shield by Govt I believe it was suspected to be carcinogenic – Shield Plus is still allowed but not systemic like Target n Shield they stay in the plant for 10 days continuing to kill sucking insects & poss contaminating nectar whereas Shield Plus & Bravo & Pyrethrum are safe to bees/cats once dry. On any spray their withholding period is in description so obey that withholding period strictly writing down yr date of spray coz u can never remember exactly afterwards. Choose if u want to kill yr aphids or leave them to feed ladybugs n parasitic wasps – if u want to kill them saturate n suffocate them with simple detergent water in a spray bottle n that wont harm yr cats n ladybug nymphs or parasitic wasps unless u saturate them at same time. No withholding period with detergent water n no need to pick cats off its a win win solution altho ladybug nymphs might be hungry if u take out all the aphids……..



    Thanks for that Jacqui.I will have a good look shortly.
    Have got heaps of butterflies around at the moment. A fair bit of courting going on as well.
    It is still getting to about 25-29c up at Kaitaia, maybe that keeps them around longer.



    Check out the hot tag on the right: aphids. The ideas there are much more useful than using a pesticide and disrupting the natural order of things. There are many natural controls for aphids.

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