Appropriate time to release butterflies

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    Hi everyone. My butterflies are starting to emerge wonderfully and I have only had 1 mishap so far. When is it an appropriate time to release them. They have been in raised in a glass house and this is their second day of being a butterfly. As much as I would like to keep them around for ages, I don’t want to cage them in and hinder their instincts in the big wild world.

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    Hi Cazie

    I try and ‘harden off’ (gardening term) mine by putting them in a place more like the outdoor weather, and then when I do put them in the outdoors I would never put them in the rain (if it was raining) but somewhere sheltered from wind and rain, so that they can decide if they should fly off or not.

    And I also put them on flowers with nectar, rather than this idea of honey/water or sugar/water mix, so that they’re more acclimatised to the ‘real world’. I’ve never seen a butterfly with a weight problem. I think if you offer them flowers, they’ll feed when they want to feed.




    Hi Cazie, I would release them anytime it is not blowing or raining, or 1st thing after a frost (I would wait till the sun thawed things out a bit). Even a break in the weather is sufficient for them to be on their way. The alternative is if they are indoors (including a glass house) and its warm, they will think they need to be on their way anyway, and will bash themsleves against whatever it is that stands in their way….typically a glass window…. I learnt a VERY hard lesson last year : (((((( …that if you do need to keep them indoors because of a line of particularly bad days,(it does happen) it is better to put nets up so they dont break their precious wings on the windows.

    If you have them inside for more than a day, you might like to offer them some honey and water or better still if you have it, some flowers with nectar, to give them a good start.


Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)

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