Are monarchs still laying eggs in Wellington?

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    Rachy babe

    Hi all, I’m a new avide gardener and thought I’d do my bit in helping the beautiful monarch. Tomorrow I am purchasing a bunch of reasonably well established Swan Plants and was wondering if Monarchs will still find my plants and lay eggs or is it too late now to have butterflies visit and lay eggs- will I have to get caterpillers off someone? thanks :) Rach

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    Hi Rachel
    I am in Wellington – Seatoun and have had my first butterflies born this week. I noticed the first eggs on August 29 and due to the bad weather it took 77 days for the first butterflies to be born. I check the caterpillars every day as many wander off and die, then when they are close to chrysalis stage I bring them inside. I have had 10 times more success than neighbours who left them outside to fend for themselves. Good luck. Where are you purchasing your plants? Most nurseries here only have small ones.


    Rachy babe

    Whoop, thanks very helpful, just love the lil critters 🙂



    No, Rach, the season is just starting. The first Monarchs which have returned from their overwintering grounds have laid their eggs and that first generation is “spreading its wings” around about now – depending on what part of the country they’re in and the weather at the time.

    So there will be three or four more generations before the “last” generation of the season.

    Monarchs can smell milkweed (e.g. swan plant) from about 2km away, so you should be fine.

    Good luck – hope it goes well for you.

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