Asian Paper Wasp

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    Hi All,

    I caught the wasp in the act earlier. I also noticed that it only wanted to attack the caterpillars under 1cm. It took one look at the bigger ones & flew off for further hunting.

    In case anyone wants to see what one of these wasps’ looks like, then click on the link below for the picture of this afternoons attack.

    Environment Waikato also has a fairly basic ID guide for other pest kinds too, this is at;

    Yes, the wasp was punished for its eating habits.

    Take care all,


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    Hi Yvonne

    Yes they are, but… there’s a danger about killing too many individual wasps – the scientists tell us that the nests seem tocompensate by creating more wasps to replace any ones that go AWOL. Have you got our wasps handout? Took lots of research, but it has a few practical ideas which may help you. Send an email request to





    We have lost all our early crop of pillars to paper wasps. And they have taken the very big ones too. I saw one in the process of eating one that was not far from going into chrysalis. We have now made bags from curtain netting and covered selected branches and tied the bottom and have a good crop on the way. The electronic fly swat bats are great for dealing with any wasps that you happen to see on the plant.

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