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    I was at MT Eden today doing a butterfly display (YA Admiral) and several people said they had plenty of plants but no eggs. Is anyone else having this problem in Auckland?

    Its so interesting cause I have had eggs being laid for some months now, but others not to far away have nothing.

    If you have no eggs and want them now, please email me as I have several very fertile females in my garden, and they just keep laying!


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    I agree with the comments Angie picked up. As for the caterpillers I resuced a few months ago, all, but one (I think – it flew off before I got a good look) where males. I’m hoping they will find some ladies.

    I can’t take on any spare eggs or caterpillars presently as I’m waiting for the Swan Plants to recover.

    Angie, have you heard of any more Yellow Ad sightings in the Mt Eden direction? My Nettles still only have a few Moth Caterpillars on them.


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