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    Hi, Got a call from someone off the forum wanting monarch eggs, sorry message cut off with name and number. Yes I have plenty of monarch eggs free to be collected. Please email me or ring again and leave number.

    Angie (

    Please note I am not often on this forum so please call or email.

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    Hi Rose

    I have successfully mailed them. Bernie’s is the best method I’ve heard of… best to get really fresh eggs, that is ones that have just been laid so there’s less risk of them hatching en route. Cut off most of the leaf and Bernie puts them into a piece of plastic hose to protect them but I have used a CD case. If they do emerge, then at first they eat their eggshell and in Day 1 they don’t eat much leaf, so they should be fine.

    Good luck with it!




    Does anyone know if eggs can be posted? I am in Christchurch and would love n early start to the season as I have plants and no sign of a Monarch yet!

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