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    I received my Autumn Newsletter recently and I am wondering what other people think of the contents?

    I am thrilled the calendar is being planned again for next year. Many of my friends will be receiving them as gifts from me. What a great way of raising funds to help in our work.

    The information about the Cinnabar moth was interesting and also the swan plant seed bug. I do not have them in my garden but will be on the lookout for them.

    It was fascinating reading about the changes that have taken place in Charlotte's and Vicky's gardens since they became involved with the MBNZT. I can now use the correct name for some of my buddleias, instead of referring to them by their colour.

    Jane's tips on collecting and storing seeds will be cost-saving for next year's garden. It was great to read about Mike Fox's trip to Mexico and the Monarch butterflies' over-wintering site.That must be amazing to see. Also to read about Brian Patrick and colleagues' project to save the Samoan Swallowtail butterfly.

    I have been tagging Monarchs and am enjoying this process. Two of my releases have been recovered some kms away.So much planning goes into this project and I am sure we will begin to see great results soon.

    I am looking forward to the Annual General Meeting and especially the workshops that have been arranged before and after the meeting Did you realise they are free! We will be selling some MBNZT goods on the day to help meet the cost of the hire of the room. Hope to meet some of you there.

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    In the newsletter Vicky has given us some ideas for a good nettle garden. We shall now look at making a garden with woody shrubs, ferns, and wildflowers and some groundsel and clover.

    Vicky your gardens look very stunning. Well done to you!

    Jane your tips and information are endless. I look forward to reading your next article in our winter newsletter;-)

    Mike you are one lucky man to experience the Monarchs in Mexico.
    One day our dream might come true to go to Mexico to see the great migration.
    Look forward to meeting you at the AGM and hearing about your trip to Mexico.

    I enjoy tagging the Monarchs. Hopefully I will have a few return to our gardens and I can sight their tag number and report this on the website.
    I had a few of my butterflies found last season and this was exciting when the report came in;-)

    The AGM meeting looks exciting as well.

    Look forward to meeting some new faces.




    Hi Beverley

    So much work goes into that newsletter – and sending them out – it will be good to get some feedback from people. It is available on line now for those who take out the email subscription, and for those who get it by mail, it should be in their mailbox on Monday at the latest. Thanks to Charlotte for getting it out in the mail.

    Please let's have your thoughts and comments here…


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