Baby cats at end of May


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    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been checking on my outside plants every weekend to keep an eye on the last 3 big caterpillars, which I thought would be end of season cats, only to find someone has been busy and I have about 20-30 baby cats on the plants.

    I’ve read that in the South Island they won’t make it naturally. Do they have a chance in Auckland? At this rate they won’t pupate until deep winter.

    My second question is whether they have many winter predators. I haven’t seen a wasp in weeks and as sad as it sounds I don’t think the plants can handle this many cats if they all survive.

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    Ive seen Butterflies laying eggs and some small catz too.
    Butteflies will handle winter – but catz are vulnerable to wet and cold. Im bringing the catz into shelter.
    Lots of people have spare plants and few or no catz – so why not post if soeeone has spare swanplants? Or can take some to rear?

    Good luck!



    Hi Trez_a – I found a monarch laying eggs today. I have brought all the larger caterpillars indoors and put them into a caterpillar castle on some cuttings. That way they will have more chance than if they were outdoors.

    Beautiful sunny day today but cool. If any of those eggs hatch, and I see the larvae, then I will probably bring them indoors too. But it just depends if I’m going to be home or away – too hard to manage when I’m travelling away.


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