Baby cat's walking off plants — why ??

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    Good morning

    I have lots of monarch caterpillars still on my plants. There is plenty of food but yesterday I found 20+ little caterpillars that had moved off the swan plants and up onto our deck or onto other plants that they do not eat. As I mentioned there is heaps of food on my plants as they are big plants. I have big caterpillars still on them munching away. Why would so many little ones be moving off the plants ??? When I say small they were 1-2cms long some a little bigger but no where near the size that they should be for heading off to become a chrysalis. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Kim

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    Try watering the plant well, the glycosides in the leaves might be too strong. Also, remember that the caterpillars will leave the plant at regular intervals to shed their skin. Perhaps what you’re seeing is them trying to find somewhere safe to shed their skin.

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