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    After heavy rain yesterday and last night, Maurice my husband told me
    there was a butterfly at the bottom of the ‘Castle’, but thought it was dead.
    On picking it up, I discovered it just alive. Its wings were stuck together,
    and looked like something had nibbled on them, as pieces were missing.
    I tagged it, and sat it in on our bedroom window sill in sun, opened its wings carefully, and thought –“I have given it a chance.”It fanned it’s wings as I left it. On going to check if it was M or F, found it gone.! We looked in bedroom and amongst Hibiscus outside the window, but no sign.– We have reared over 100 butterflies this year.

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    I have found this season that a few of my butterflies have had their wings nibbled overnight by baby slugs!!

    It’s mostly been butterflies that were low to the ground for some reason, sleeping – including one recently hatched one that hadn’t even flown yet – poor thing! She made it, in the end, and flew off, but some that already had crumpled wings and then got chewed, didn’t make it. 🙁



    Great to hear, Gaynor!

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