Behaviour of female Monarchs on return

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    Female Monarchs have returned to my garden and I notice that their behaviour almost seems "frantic" as they fly around looking for milkweed and/or nectar plants to top up.

    Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? They’re flying very fast around the garden, before they settle and "snatch" some nectar and then off again to the swan plants.

    Very busy going about their work.

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    Blake in Porirua

    ah yes Twink – makes sense now. Thanks



    havn’t seen any here since the storm the other day. I’d guess the change in weather might be spurring them on? They might know something we don’t ..



    Hi Blake

    I think what Anna did was use a correction fluid – I know it used to be called ‘Twink’ it came in a little bottle with a brush you could get from the stationery stores to cover up written mistakes.
    She probably just dabbed a little spot on their wings to tell them apart?
    Sorry can’t help with the tagging of other native butterflies though. Good luck with your research and native butterfly raising.


    Blake in Porirua

    old thread and apologies its off track from initial post but ill ask anyhow 🙂

    Anna What do you mean by you have “twinkled them” to tell the difference?

    I hope to raise more native/ declining butterflies next year, however there is no tagging research option, so if there is a good way youve found to tag them im very keen to learn. Id be wrapped if there was admiral tagging in future so Department of Conservation and Nz can properly identify any endangered and declining populations of significance. and because there has been eradication of stinging Nettle there should be public information of the consequence. DoC arent interested in research of Monarchs



    Sept 24th…So far I have only noticed one Monarch visit the garden, and it didn’t stop for long.
    I’m delighted to have daily visits from three different Red Admirals, who have been laying eggs on the Nettle, but I’m not sure if they are fertile as yet. Theres caterpillars on some nettles, but I’m pretty sure most are from the Yellow Admirals….that have become more common here.
    I have caught and twinked the Reds, so I can identify which is which.



    Wish there was a Like button to hit! That’s great. No butterflies in my garden enjoying either nectar or host plants except the odd Cabbage White. But there are some Monarchs cruising around Hamilton Gardens.

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