Best seeds to use in Taupo

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    Hi, wondering which of the milkweed plants grow best in Taupo ?

    We buy plants every year from our local petshop but our hungry caterpillars never let them get to seed stage so have decided to try establish proper large grove of plants for next year by using your seed. thanks


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    Hi Emerandluke,


    A agree with Jacqui. I also reckon it would be a good idea to grow three big swanplants in large pots (10litre). Easy to move them around and protect them both from egg laying and from extreme cold snaps in winter. That way you should have a really good start next season. Good luck.



    thank you for that Jacqui.  I have just purchased the incarnata seeds from you.  I see it says to plant them while warm and are frost hardy – does that mean ok to plant now for next year ? or should I wait and plant them Sept /Oct ?  When you say swan plant as well, do you mean the giant one that you are also selling ?  thanks




    Excellent idea – probably Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) would be a good one for Taupo, as well as swan plant.

    Keep one or two swan plants covered over so that you don’t get eggs laid on them, and hey presto, so long as they’re protected from the worst winter weather, and you should have some nice big ones next spring.

    Hope that will work.

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