Beware: sprayed plants

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    A warning to those in Christchurch. Do not buy swan plants from T&M nurseries. All my caterpillars have died after being on them 🙁 I am guessing they have been sprayed.They are for sale on trade me, bunnings and a garden centre on ferry road. Don’t buy them It is a horrible sight seeing all my catipillars dead 🙁

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    Caryl – what is the “nursery you had not heard of”.

    T&M Nurseries are in Kumeu, I’m pretty sure.

    So sad about your problems, Emily.

    Sometimes it’s the garden centre that is at fault – sometimes it’s just one staff member who sprays and doesn’t tell the rest of the staff. Sometimes it’s been a sub-contractor brought in to spray other plants in the garden centre.

    It’s very frustrating for all concerned! I have spoken with retailers, growers and even had an article in the NGINZ magazine.




    I’m so sorry to hear this. Have you contacted the retailer? What brand is on the label? That would be helpful for us to know. I bought 49 at Bunnings recently and they seem ok. They were from a nursery I had not heard of in Kumeu, Auckland.

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