Branch broken off swan plant

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    Hi, a big branch has broken off my swan plant and it has eggs on it, what do I do now please, am new to all this

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    Where the branch is cut, for the leaves to get water the stem needs to be broken up, so you can get a hammer (or similar) and crush the end of the stem for about 1-2 cm upwards – or you can use secateurs to make cuts into the stem.



    Hello Angeleyes

    What I do is to put the stems with leaves and eggs on them in a vase of water. So long as you break up the cut bit of the stem, and in that way the branch can absorb water – otherwise the sap seals off the cut edge and it can’t take up water.

    I suggest that you cut the branch down so that you reduce a lot of the stem (otherwise it will be too tall and top-heavy, and won’t stay upright in the vase). You really just need 10-20cm of stem without leaves for the insnide of the vase.

    Hope that is clear?

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