Should I bring the last ones inside?

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    Should I bring the last caterpillars inside? I have loads of swan plant food but with the cold nights and some heavy rain they seem lethargic, so not eating enough and some have died. I do have two chrysalis as well.

    (just applied today for membership)

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    Great to have you new members – welcome!!!

    There’s a lot of info. has been shared in the past 15 years in the forum. And then we’re working on the next issue of the magazine… got some great stuff to share there.




    I have just joined up. I always bring caterpillars inside the house because of the many wasps and praying mantises(the African ones). I just cut swan plant branches from anywhere I can and also put small plants with roots in jars of water for the small cats.I separate the diff. sizes of cats as the big cats can get quite aggresive and nip off others feelers. When they begin to wander before chrysalising I pop them on branches that have other chrysalises and they get the idea.I have taken lots of funny poses of the cats.
    Carole Davies



    I bring chrysalis inside. Have left cats outside but in Bay of Plenty still having warm days here and intermittent rain not so cold though. 🙂



    Thanks, will do



    I’ve got my last ones in the hothouse except for the ones that are about to pupate which i have inside in a butterfly castle (they were doing dumb things in the hothouse like trying to hang themselves on the roof surface which is prone to condensation). Every now and then I find a caterpillar outside and I move them in. They won’t survive outside now in Wellington, not sure how they go elsewhere.

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