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    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    I am trying to buy some Buddleia but cant find any anywhere in Auckland with one supplier stating “Northland Regional Council currently have this plant Status noted as follows:Buddleia is currently under surveillance as a weed of concern in Northland”

    Anyone know where to get some?

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    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    Thanks guys. Guess I am going to have to hunt for some cuttings and check out trademe.
    Reading magazine now.



    Hello Dane

    I researched the properties and permissions for Buddleia species in a recent magazine – earlier this year, would have to look up which one. Before buying Buddleia species you need to check out the restrictions in your local territorial authority, i.e. regional council. For instance, here in Auckland I have lots of Buddleias but I am not allowed to sell or give away cuttings etc. They don’t set seed, that is I have never had a problem with them in other parts of the garden, but I wouldn’t like to have a problem with the law (even if it is a stupid one).

    I have, however, seen the problem species of Buddleia davidii in the Bay of Islands and Wellington regions, so understand their concern. But there are lots of B. davidii cultivars that are not problems, that’s the shame.

    Hope you can find some somewhere.



    Hi Dane,

    Spikey23 on Trademe also has Buddleia cuttings for sale. I have personally bought a number of them recently, and now have lovely plants ready for planting out next Spring – she is a lovely person to deal with who loves her plants.

    And by the way, congratulations on your efforts so far, both at home and at your workplace – so inspiring seeing the photos. Looking forward to seeing future developments:)

    Susan (Hibiscus Coast)


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