Buddleia salviifolia & Buddleia auriculata

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    Hi everyone,

    Our Buddleia salviifolia is flowering for the first time. Yesterday there were at least a dozen Monarchs feasting on its nectar, and the sweet scent of the flowers wafting around the garden made me want to hang around too:) Of course the other major plus is no weevil damage like that on the Buddleia davidii cultivars. The latter ones in our garden are looking a bit ragged, having survived their cutback of damaged leaves in early Winter plus the very boggy conditions. Still, it looks like they’ll make it back for another season.

    I mention Buddleia auriculata, because I thought that was what I was getting when I originally bought the Buddleia (salviifolia) off Trademe. It was labelled as ‘Winter buddleia’ – when you read about auriculata it flowers mid July to Septemberish, and has shiny looking leaves. This sounds like a great one to have. I was wondering if there is someone who might have cuttings to share?

    Susan (Hibiscus Coast)

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    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    My Salviifolia is just starting now as well. I thought it was winter flowering not spring. All my other buddliea are growing in leaps and bounds. Even had moonglow put out one flower. Havent come across auriculata

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