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    Mid August…Now that spring has sprung, it may pay to look out for the Adult buddleia weevil. I have pruned a lot of my young plants, and now am keeping an eagle eye out for any signs of the weevil, so I can attempt to control them.

    Today I have found a few in the very tips of new growth,so they have been duly dispatched, as they are very unwelcome around my neck of the woods!

    Also to thicken up the bushes in the hope of many flowers, I have been pinching out the tips until they look a lot bushier, then I’ll let them flower….does anyone else do this?

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    Its good to see your photo Darren. (Lets hope the little blighter is sterile!)
    Anyway…how can you tell which is male and which is female once they are apart? Anyone know, as I’m curious.
    I have a couple in captivity to do a bit more of investigation but as yet theres been no hanky panky…unless they wait till my back is turned!



    The buddleja weevils (Cleopus japonicus) are back in Tauranga and getting busy

    Cleopus japonicus weevils mating



    A while back I saw a hedge of Buddleia, that had been trimmed and kept in shape. Good idea! Also I wish I hadn’t cut back all of the buddleias in pots, as now I would like to try making a topairy with one after seeing a picture on the internet…so I will have to grow a new plant and let it grow as one shoot with no side shoots till it gets to a metre or so.
    Its good you have no sign of weevil yet Charlotte.



    Our Buddleias up here in Auckland are doing good and certainly liked the cut back Allan had given them. No sign of any weevil as yet.
    We might give your tip a go Anna with a couple of our plants:-)



    Hi Anna,

    I too cut buddleia back this year. I let them get too tall last year, and don’t like them way up out of my reach. This year I’ve cut the buddleia down to within 2ft of the ground. It’s done them the world of good, and we have our view of the railway line back again. I think I will probably keep them right down, almost clipped if I can. I would like to achieve mounded shapes.

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