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    kaths puss cat

    Hi everyone. I’m just planning my new butterfly gardens. I can’t find anyone with Buddleia plants. Can anyone help with cuttings pleeeeease?

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    kaths puss cat

    Hi. Thank you for replying to my request. As Jacqui said, I checked to see if it was a pest in Tauranga and sadly found that it was. I appreciate your offer of plants but it seems that I can’t put them in. I so wish we could.
    I’ve been progressing with the new gardens and can’t wait for the warmer weather to come and start seeing results.
    Once again, thank you for your generous offer.



    I have a few buddleia around where I live(wellington) – they are well established, so I gather someone planted them awhile ago. I took cuttings and they have taken. Happy to send you some – send me your address if there isn’t a ban in your area.



    Hi there Kaths Puss Cat – it depends where you live in New Zealand. If you are in Auckland, Bay of Plenty or Northland the buddleia is considered a pest plant, so you better check on your local regional council requirements. I’m not sure about other parts of New Zealand.

    You won’t find them in plant shops/garden centres but can on occasion buy them on TradeMe.

    They are beautiful plants! But they are such a pest in some parts of NZ that I can understand why a weevil was introduced to control them. The weevil has made short work of them in my garden (Blockhouse Bay, Auckland). 🙁

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