Buddleja salvifolia 'Silver Anniversary'

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    Hi Jacqui & other members

    I have just bought a Buddleja salvifolia 'Silver Anniversary' – partly because it is slower-growing & shorter max height than some other buddlejas. Just read on your website (June 07 News) that MBNZT was conducting a trial on this particular variety back then. How successful was it in attracting butterflies? What types in particular? Also read in a discussion on this forum back then that is winter-flowering? Please advise.

    Kind Regards


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    Mine is pretty useless too….



    Yes, quite true. Mine and Gill's never did anything much for butterflies. Mine has been lost to "the builders" this year, but I won't replace it.



    Jacqui mentioned a few weeks ago that Silver Anniversary was a bit of a dud and that they had been disappointed in it.

    Buddleia cuttings



    Hi Char – there wasn't much flowering stuff near it at that time of year. Some viburnum tinus, rosemary, dianthus and a few other early things. I was hoping the white one would be a hit. I do have a mauve winter flowering one that was really popular, and it was in a worse spot (sun wise). I thought the Silvery Anniversary might have needed feeding, but there's a caryopteris x cland. next to it that looks amazing, plus all my wildflowers that came up in spring and summer are in the same spot and are great.



    Hi Ruthie,

    I have heard the 'Silver anniversary' is not very popular with the butterflies.
    I have been given a few cuttings of this one so will be very interested to see.

    Vicky did you have other nectar plants nearby for the butterflies to feed off?
    Be interesting to see if you move it whether this changes things.

    We have 'Spring promise' growing and this is suppose to be a winter Buddleia. So will definitely be keeping an eye on this plant.




    I'd be interested to hear how other people find there ones. Mine did flower in late winter, and it wasn't particularly popular. It certainly grows slower than my other varieties. I'm a bit disappointed in it on the whole, but think I'll move it to see if that makes a difference.

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